Cimani Solutions


PLM Services

Cimani suite of PLM services is aimed at helping enterprises of all sizes extract the maximum benefit from their PLM systems. We enable enhanced collaboration resulting in an efficient product development process. This results in faster time-to-market for new products as well as changes to existing products. From the selection of PLM software to architecting the PLM implementation to maintaining and enhancing an existing PLM system, Our services are designed to derive benefits at different stages of the PLM implmentation.

Our services could be grouped into the following categories:
  1. PLM Consulting
  2. We help you achieve your business objectives by implementing the optimized processes in your PLM system. This would include designing/improving business processes and suggesting areas of automation for improving productivity and reducing errors. We work with your business users and IT team to help maximize the benefits from your investments on PLM.
  3. Integration Services
  4. Most businesses would work with multiple systems. It is important that the data across all the systems use correct data, the duplication is minimized and the relevant data is available across systems. Achieving these objectives requires integrating the systems. The objectives of the integrations would vary from one business to another. We use our experience with integrating CAD, ERP and other legacy systems to develop the integrations that deliver immediate value to your users.
  5. Customization Services
  6. For mature businesses users, the need for customizing the PLM software is inevitable. The divers could be any of - productivity enhancement, eliminating human errors, improved user experience, integration with other systems etc. Our experience in delivering complex solutions to Fortune 100 companies places us in a good position to provide you efficient solutions. Depending upon the customer prefenences, we could take up the customization as fixed price turn-key projects or provide your our resources on time and material.
  7. Upgrades and Migration
  8. Having performed complex upgrades and migrations for large installations, we can lead the complete Upgrade and Migration effort for your business. We make you aware of the risks, benefits and the process involved in this project, making the whole exercise a painless one devoid of any surprises.
  9. Technical Support
  10. We provide L1 & L2 support for PLM users. This includes Admin and database level support. The remotely located support team would work with mutually agreed Service Level Agreements and provide you peace of mind at affordable cost.

If you would like to discuss your specific challenges and how we could help, please contact us.