Cimani Solutions


Environmental Compliance Services

If you are a manufacturer and exporter of parts/products, you know the importance of being environmentally compliant and the cost of non-compliance. Our services help you attain and maintain compliance with environmental regulations like REACH, ELV, RoHS, WEEE and others.

Our services include the following:
  1. Architecting Environmental Compliance Solutions:
  2. We can work with you to understand your compliange goals and recommend an appropriate solution. We work with commercial applications from Siemens and PTC, and if needed. If the COTS applications are an overkill for your business needs, we can develop custom solutions to just meet your specific requirements.
  3. Strategy for Compliance with RoHS, REACH, ELV, WEEE:
  4. We implement the environmental compliance activities in your design process. We can help you prepare the material declaration files in the acceptable formats like IPC-1752, AIAG or any other custom format to share with your customers.
  5. Supported Compliance Platforms:
  6. We provide end-to-end services on the following platforms:
    • Siemens Teamcenter Substance Compliance(TcSC)
    • PTC Windchill Product Analytics(WPA)
  7. IMDS Services:
  8. As an automotive supplier to global OEM's you are likely asked to use IMDS for sharing the material data of your parts. We can help you get started or if you are already a user, extract the maximum benefit for the cost you are paying. Our offerings include collecting, validating and compiling material data from your suppliers, creating Material Data Sheets for your customers and managing the exchange of data with your suppliers and customers. We can develop custom applications that interact with IMDS for exchange of data and enhance the productivity of your IMDS resources.
  9. Analytics of Compliance Data:
  10. We use open source Eclipse BIRT platform for running analytics on your compliance and part data. We could derive useful business insights from these reports.
  11. Customization Services:
  12. We provide customization services on the Environmental Compliance platform of Siemens. The need for customization arises from managing different formats for material data, providing custom alerts, setting up data exchange with suppliers, integrating with other applications etc. Our offering include collecting/fine tuning the requirements, designing the solution, developing and deploying the solutions and then providing the post-deployment support.
  13. Post-deployment Support:
  14. We provide L1/L2 support from offshore for your compliance solutions. The support team would respond to the user issues, and also be responsible for the regular admin/database activities like backup etc.

If you would like to discuss your specific challenges and how we could help, please contact us.