Cimani Solutions


Reporting and Analytics Services

We provide Reporting and Analytics solutions to generate intelligent reports using the Open Source platform Eclipse BIRT. This provides a cost-effective alternative to the commercial platforms. You need not pay any license fees for the solution - only the cost of the services that we provide. Before deciding on BIRT, a review of the business objectives and end user goals is necessary. For the cost benefits that it offers, we believe an evaluation of this platform is a worthwhile exercise for small business looking to implement Business Intelligence solutions.

This framework provides the ability to hook up with the database of multiple systems. One can generate Web applications to make it available to the user community with the appropriate access rules in place. Here are some of the sampple outputs that can be generated:

  1. Dashboards
  2. Multi-level reports that support drill-down
  3. Pre-developed report items that can be customized for a specific business

If you would like to discuss your specific challenges and how we could help, please contact us.