Recent Projects

Here is a list of some of the projects that we have executed so far:

  • Implementation of Engineering and Design BOMs with Product Variability
    Customer: Large automotive OEM in North America
    The customer is involved in manufacturing of 2-wheel and 3-wheel vehicles and would like to solve the problem of managing variability across the different product platforms. Teamcenter Product Configurator and BOM Management capabilities were mainly utilized for creating the solution for the customer. After implementing the solution the customer aims to offer a large number of variants of the products to the market, without having to manage a very complex set of Product Structures.
  • Implementation of Product Complince at a global conglomerate
    Customer: Global conglomerate engaged in manufacturing of a variety of products
    Cimani was invovled in laying down a uniform process that could be adopted by all the disparate business units. REACH, EU RoHS ,China RoHS, WEEE, TSCA, California Proposition 65 were some off the regulations of interest. The specific challenges of the project were:
    • Implement a process for managing product compliance that integrates the invidual tasks like collecting data from suppliers, checking parts and assemblies against environmental regulations, taking corrective actions, ensuring that non-compliant parts are not shipped out of the factories, uploading the mandatory reports to third party websites like ECHA portal
    • Provide an efficient framework for collecting Material and Substance Data from a large number of Suppliers
    • Providing a framework to pull the already existing Compliance data from existing part libraries
    • Collecting Material and Substance Data for a large number of Suppliers
    • Configuring regulations that are not supported by Teamcenter, but are needed by the customer.
  • Data migration from Enovia to Teamcenter
    Custom: Large Aerospace and Defense Company
    Our role was to architect the migration solution that could be used for migrating a large number(15 million+) of parts, documents, Change Objects, datasets and BOMs and their underlying relations. The specific complexity of the project was implementing the rationalization rules in migrating the parts for preventing creation of redundant objects in the system. In addition the tranformation rules were complex in nature. The migration solution was created using custom perl and SQL scripts, CSV2TCXML utility and custom command line utilities.
  • Upgade of Teamcenter 10.1 to 13.2, AWC 5.2
    Customer: Large Automotive supplier based in North America
    This project included the upgrade of Teamcenter 10.1 and the implementation of Active Workspace for the customer. In addition to the standard modules of Teamcenter, the customer had CATIA and SolidWorks integrations, which were configured on the upgraded environment.
  • Implementation of Active Workspace 3.4
    Customer: An imaging equipment manufacturer in Canada
    Cimani was invovled in the implementation project as a Siemens PLM partner. We are involved from the Requirements gathering to implementation stage and are providing development services for this project. This business objective of this project is to provide easier accessability option to Suppliers and non-core users of Teamcenter. This project is in its initial phase.
  • Migration from Teamcenter Enterprise 2007.1 to Teamcenter 11.2.2
    Customer: An imaging equipment manufacturer in Canada
    Cimani was invovled in the implementation project as a Siemens PLM partner. We performed the data migration activity and some of the application development work
    • Design the overall ETL strategy. For most of data in Teamcener Enterprise, there are standard procedures, which is, to extract the data, store in a buffer database, apply the transformations and then generate the TCXML files for importing. For the following, different strategy was adopted:
      • Classification data: The customer had extensive Part Family data, and the extraction of the data was not possible by following the standard ETL strategy of writing DB scripts. A mix of Java application, perl and SQL was adopted to extract the data
      • To extract the BLOB data, a mix of DB and perl scripts was used
    • Implementation of EDA Gateway module: Customer had ECAD data that was used with Part Families in Tc Enterprise. The business requirements were implemented in the EDA Gateway module of Teamcenter
    • Perform application development tasks like adding to data model, developing Action handlers, implementing runtime relations etc were performed
  • Provide Teamcenter Enterprise development services
    Customer: A global Auto major based in the USA Cimani was invovled in the implementation project as a Siemens PLM partner. Right from the requirements definition stage to the actual implementation, we led and executed the project. The major features of the project were:
    • Support a highly customized environment of Teamcenter Enterprise
    • The tasks involved implementing new features in the customer environment using Server side and Thin Client customization in Teamcenter Enterprise
  • Implementation of Teamcenter Environmental Compliance(TcEC):
    Customer: An large Automobile manufacturer in Mumbai, India Cimani was invovled in the implementation project from the very beginning as a Siemens PLM partner. Right from the requirements definition stage to the actual implementation, we led and executed the project. The major features of the project were:
    • Lead the business requirements definition activity by ensuring that the implementation would be smooth and optimum
    • Install and configure TcEC system in the customer environment to meet those requirements, which included collecting Material Content Data on a central ftp location and configuring the scheduler to pick up the data automatically and load into TcEC.
    • Provide scripts to clean up BOM data
    • Develop custom parser to include additional functionality on the OOTB AIAG parser
    • Customize TcEC to send notifications on success and failure of Material Content Data upload
    • Develop two custom compliance sections.
    • Provide training to end users and administrators

  • Upgrade of Teamcenter Enterprise 2005 to Teamcenter Enterprise 2007.1 MP05
    Customer: An imaging equipment manufacturer based in Canada. Cimani is executing thie project as an implementation partner of Siemens PLM. We are responsible for the end-to-end upgrade activities. The salient features of this project are:
    • Involves the upgrade of Teamcenter Enterprise, Oracle and Weblogic
    • Involves the upgrade of Teamcenter Enterprise, Oracle and Weblogic
    • The project is being executed from offshore, thus optimizing the cost and efficiency of the project execution.

  • Custom J2EE Development for Medical Transcription process
    Customer: UK based Medical Trnascription company
    • Development of FTP Scheduler: Developed from scratch an FTP Scheduler on J2EE/Spring framework using Open source Quartz libraries. This scheduler automatically downloads files from the FTP server and performs tasks as defined by the business processes.
    • Develop a Reporting Application: This is a highly configurable application developed on J2EE/Spring framework. It extracts information from the database using complex business logic and prepares reports in the desired formats. The application uses XML and XSLT transformation to provide additional flexibility to the user.
    • Develop additional functionality to the existing transcription software: Added new features to the JSP/Servlet based application.